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Why buy organic spices?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

What is organic food and why is it beneficial? Organic foods are grown without pesticides or artificial growth inhibitors or hormones without using synthetic chemicals. Switching to organic food can be a little costly but then after we know its perks its certainly worth the expense. Spices provide countless health benefits of their own, apart from adding spice and color to the food.

The Indian cuisine asks for spices as must-have ingredients for different meals. Spices offer a spicy complement to meals, and give almost every meal preparation a dimension. When spices form quite an important part of every cuisine, so now more and more customers are expecting organic spices. So here are few reasons of why should we buy organic spices

Strengthens our immune system

The ray of hope that had been created by genetic modification has now been challenged. The impact on human health is not yet known, being at its formative stage. While there are some positive things about genetically modified crops, we may want to rethink if the possible long-term consequences are worth risking.

Levitates toxic chemicals

Like with any conventionally grown food, to encourage faster growth, traditional spices are treated with chemicals and synthetic additives like fertilizers , insecticides, and sludges. Those chemicals almost always migrate into the soil and are consumed by the spice plant, eventually finding their way onto your food plate. Organic spices are cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilizers , pesticides, genetically modified crops, waste sludge or emissions, setting the stage for cleaner, healthier food ingredients.

Using anti-clumping agents in powdered spices is a common practice, in order to prevent lump formation when packaged. At the other side, organic spices forego these anti-caking agents in order to maintain product credibility. Organic spices are indeed free from adulteration, artificial flavours as well as preservatives. The method is often more hygienic because of the strict quality control.

Higher antioxidant consumption

More so than any foreign substances that interfere with and affect the nutritional composition of organic spices, if they originate from organic spices relative to standard spices, antioxidants tend to have a greater impact. A number of studies have also proved the truth. Which really cuts the negativity down and tends to add the positive ones. Sounds pretty good, you don’t think?

The taste of the food becomes better and more nutritious

As spices are fertilized with organic manure as well as bio fertilizers when organically grown, they have a high nutrient content. Because no artificial compounds influence the chemical composition, organically produced spices have a fresher fragrance and taste.

Organic spices, herbs as well as seasoning blends are all 100 percent organic certified and undertake a long QA period to ensure the health of products. The Indian Government has initiated National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). The national program includes the certification bodies accreditation scheme, organic production requirements, promotion of organic agriculture etc. European Commission and Switzerland have accepted the NPOP criteria for the development and accreditation method for unprocessed plant products as being comparable to their country requirements. Similarly, USDA has acknowledged NPOP accreditation conformity assessment procedures as equivalent to US accreditation.

Besides these health benefits, organically grown foods avoid pollution of the soil , water sources and water table. While much work is being conducted to figure out whether organically grown spices are actually more beneficial than those grown with chemicals, it does not at least have the adverse effect

s of the chemicals, which would be worth the extra pennies you have to dig out of your wallets. So if you’d like to think good, think organic!

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